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How to Choose a Contractor II

I recently came across this great article by one of my colleagues who is kind enough to allow me to reprint this.  I think Mike really hits on all the major points of how to evaluate a remodeling contractor when they meet with you to talk about your project. Please note that for Pennsylvanians you […]

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What Does ‘Quality Material’ Mean?

If we’re asked to explain why the total investment on our proposal is higher than someone else’s price for a project one of the factors I cite is that we only use high quality materials. It’s easy to tell a client something like “we only use high quality materials”, but what does that really mean? […]

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Is Your Home Remodeling Contractor a Home Remodeling Contractor?

    I know noone really wants to hear about it one more time in their day but here goes: the economy is down.  Construction is way down.  New home construction is abysmal.  Where did all those home builders and specialty contractors go you ask?  They’re out trying to get remodeling work.      New construction and […]

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