Part IV: Wood Kitchen Countertops

by Owen Sechrist

Wood countertops, though out of fashion for years, have always been a great option for kitchens.  Today even more species and styles of wood tops are available.  The classic butcher block tops are great to use at a work station or an island.   The boards can be run with the face grain showing, the edge grain showing, or the end grain.  Face grain counters will show wear much more quickly but more dense edge grain tops wear well, and face grain tops will show little wear even when used for chopping. face-grain   Face Grain       edge-grain     Edge Grain, or Quartersawn     end-grain    End Grain       Bamboo and to a lesser extent cork are gaining popularity, both because they are fast growing and sustainable wood products and because of the beauty and durability of these tops. bamboo1   Bamboo, like other hardwoods, can be oriented in different grain patterns for countertops     cork   Like other wood tops cork requires some maintenance, mainly oiling and waxing         Next Up:  Tile and Laminate

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