Part III: Paper Countertops and Concrete Countertops

by Owen Sechrist

If you're looking for a durable, eco-friendly countertop with rich beautiful colors look now further than paper countertops by Richlite.  These tops are made from Forest Stweardship(FSC) certified wood pulp and/or post consumer recycled cardboard cured in a phenolic resin.  Ok, now I know you might be saying to yourself "Paper countertops? durable?  Who does he think he's kidding?"  At least that is what I thought the first time I heard of them.  In fact, paper countertops are so strong that the manufacturer endorses unsupported overhangs of 18 inches  on a standard countertop thickness of 1 1/4 inches, that's 6 inches more overhang than granite or quartz.  richlite     Richlite Countertops       Richlite can withstand tempuratures of 350 degrees F and are resistant to scratching.  Because they are a solid materials with even coloring throughout they can be repaired easily if they do become scratched.  Concrete countertops are the most "custom" of tops.  Forms are built specifically for your project, rebar is tied and placed in the forms and a colored concrete is poured and cured for your countertops.  The tops are 2 to 4 inches thick and they are seriously heavy, easily the heaviest of countertops due to their thickness. Concrete tops offer an enless variety of custom designs.  The tops can have a smooth polished look or the surface of the concrete can be ground down to expose aggregate.  Different types of stones can be used, metals and glass can be mixed in and objects can be embedded at the surface so they're visible.  The only limitation is imagination. concrete-countertops   This is a great example of the unique design that can be produced in a custom concrete countertop.     Still with me?  Next up is Wood & Tile

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