EPA's RRP Rule

by Owen Sechrist

This blog has been getting a fair amount of traffic regarding the EPA's Remodeling, Repair & Painting Rule that went into full effect April 22nd, 2010. Here is a list of resources for you folks looking for information: One of my colleagues, Sean Lintrow, has done a tremendous job of keeping up on this rule and if you're seeking information about it there is a wealth of good info at his blog:  SLS Construction BlogIf you're new to this law make sure you hit the "older posts" button on his website and go back to the first few articles to get an overview of the rule. For contractors trying to learn the intricacies of the rule and how to apply it to specific situations on site there is no better resource than the Q&A section of the EPA website.  Be prepared to spend some time here. Here is a link to the actual statute that is causing such consternation.  I believe this is very much worth reading if you are a contractor because by reading the legislation you come to realize what the actual law is and what is interpretation of the law by the EPA and interpretation of the law by other sources.  It is then possible to formulate intelligent questions to submit to the EPA's Q&A and possibly affect minor changes on the permissible work practices. This link is to an EPA web page that lists links to the current regulations as they stand as well as proposed rule changes. This link will take you to the "Renovate Right" brochure in pdf format.  Note this brochure is an updated version of the pamphlet we've all been handing out since late in 2008 as required by law.  These pamphlets can be purchased or they may be downloaded and distributed electronically or by reprinting.  If you prefer to purchase them here is an online source:  purchase renovate right brochures online

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