Corn Cake and Corn Crouton Recipe

by Owen Sechrist

One of my original menu entreés consisted of Cajun blackened catfish with a black bean salsa, sweet and sour purple cabbage and a corn cake. The corn cake was popular of it's own accord but even more appreciated when it was cut up into chunks and deep fried, then served as "corn croutons" on a southwestern themed salad. The following recipe is for making the corn cakes.  They can be prepared ahead of time and re-heated in the oven or cut up and fried.

Corn Cakes

Portion Size: N/A

Ingredient: Amount:

Frozen Corn 3# 10# 20#

Eggs 3 10 20

Flour 2oz 8oz 16oz

Butter 4 oz 160z 32 oz

S & P to taste to taste to taste

Method: Thaw the corn on sheet trays. Make a roux from flour and butter. Lightly process the corn in food processor w/ chopping blade. Mix all ingredients thoroughly. Portion onto sheet trays with scooper that has white bottom. Bake until golden brown, aprox. 8 min.

Please note that "thaw the corn on sheet trays" is not completely accurate: the corn needs to not only be thawed out but dried out slightly, otherwise there will be too much moisture in the corn batter mixture.  We used a convection oven on high heat which dried the corn out quickly due to the fan.  The corn should feel waxy but not crunchy. A "scooper that has a white bottom" is a number six food service scooper, like an ice cream scooper, that has a volume of 5.33oz.  You can just as easily hand form the cakes.  Depending on how much moisture you leave in the corn they do tend to spread out as they bake. The 8 minute cooktime is based on a convection oven at 500 degrees.

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