What Does ‘Quality Material’ Mean?

by Owen Sechrist

If we're asked to explain why the total investment on our proposal is higher than someone else's price for a project one of the factors I cite is that we only use high quality materials. It's easy to tell a client something like "we only use high quality materials", but what does that really mean? I imagine in the customer's mind they are thinking something like "Oh, sure....that 2x4 you use is A LOT better than the 2x4 the other guy is using...what kind of schmuck do you think I am?" Unfortunately there are significant repercussions for homeowners when materials choices are made based on price alone. Let's look at the case of Chinese drywall. Between 2004 and 2008 in the Southeastern US an estimated 500 million pounds of imported Chinese drywall was used to construct tens of thousands of homes. The drywall has been found to be contaminated with sulfur compounds which not only produce a rotten egg-like odor but have produced Homeowner complaints that include corroding copper pipes, destroyed TVs and air conditioners, and blackened jewelry and silverware. Some believe the drywall is also making them ill. But wait, it gets even better. Homeowners that have tried to file insurance claims on their homeowner policies are not only being denied claims, their insucrance companies are terminating their homeowner policies which can then trigger a violation of their mortgage agreement. chinese-drywall-cartoon                       I bet before you read this article you might have thought, "Who cares what kind of drywall you use?" Unfotunately for some people the use of a single poor quality construction material resulted in them losing their home. click here to learn more about Chinese drywall

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