Kitchen Remodeling Design Tip

by Owen Sechrist

Very few clients that we work with have an unlimited budget for their kitchen remodeling project.  Sometimes the kitchen is just part of a larger remodeling project.  Many times clients end up having to make sacrifices that they don't want to make. One suggestion we often make to clients is to prioritize cabinets over countertops.  The reason is simple:  it's pretty simple to change out countertops on most kitchens, especially in comparison to cabinets. You can outfit your kitchen with inexpensive laminate countertops with a  4 inch laminate backsplash and then change those tops out a few years down the road to granite or quartz countertops with a tile backsplash without incurring much additional cost beyond what it would have cost to do the higher end counters and splash in the original project. Always ask your remodeling contractor to advise you on what items can be economically upgraded later without ripping apart the work you're doing now.  This is the smart way to design a kitchen remodel on a budget.

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