How to Absolutely Screw Up Your Remodel

by Owen Sechrist

  Written by Paul Lesieur of Silvertree Construction, a Minneapolis Kitchen Remodeling Company   Remodeling always presents challenges, the ones that come up most are budget constraints, incomplete plans, a skill set not up to the task. Let’s look at these concerns and learn a few things.     Some remodel tasks are dangerous for unskilled people to do. If you’re trying to remember which wire is the hot one, pass on doing any electrical changes and hire a pro. The difference between an amateur and a pro always shows up in the finish. I have had many homeowners proudly show me the remodel they did themselves. I’ve seen a few well done weekend warrior remodels, but I’ve seen a lot more that didn’t need the homeowner telling me they did it with friends over a few weekends. And while were on the weekend with friends remodel, leave the drinking for last, after the tools are put away. To read the full article please click here: How to Absolutely Screw Up Your Remodel

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